Frequently Asked Questions


How far in advance do I need to book entertainment for my event?

Depending on the type of your event, we can accommodate last minute requests for smaller ensembles. For weddings and larger events, it’s best to contact us to confirm your talent interest and availability ASAP. It’s not uncommon for bands and DJs to be booked well in advance for an event.

Does the bandleader or DJ act as an emcee?

Yes, they will make announcements and gather people as needed to keep your event flowing smoothly.

What happens if one of the band members or DJ gets sick or is unable to perform?

We will replace him or her with another equally talented and highly qualified musician so your event will not be affected.

How do I secure talent for my event?

Upon deciding on the type of entertainment you would like for your event, a contract will be drawn up with all the specifics. It is required to sign the contract and submit a deposit to secure the talent for your event.

What type of payment methods do you accept?

We currently accept checks, cash and credit card payments. For each credit card payment, an additional 2.5% will be charged to process the payment.

When is the final payment due?

The final payment is due 10 days prior to the event and will be indicated on the contract.

Will there be music during band breaks?

There are three options for continuous music:

  1. Bands can provide an iPod or laptop with playlists to perform as background music at no additional cost.
  2. Bands can perform continuously for the last two sets of an event. There is an extra charge for this request.
  3. We also book DJ’s to perform in between the band performances. There is an extra cost for this request.

Do your bands, musicians or DJs perform overtime?

If you decide you want the entertainment to continue after the contracted time, you will need to inform the talent leader at the event.  Overtime rates start at a flat rate per half hour and this information will be provided on each contract. There is no need to pay us at the event. You will be invoiced after the event for any additional overtime.

Can I give payments to the talent?

Our bands, musicians and DJs do not handle payments. All payments are made prior to the event and listed on each contract agreement.

Is it required to tip the talent?

It is not required to tip the talent you’ve hired for an event; however, if you’re moved or inspired, gratuities will be welcomed and deeply appreciated.

Do I need to provide meals for the talent?

For every 4 hour event, a meal is required for the talent. This will be indicated on each contract. Most venues offer “vendor meals” which are less expensive then what you would have to pay for your guests.

Do you provide your own umbrellas when performing outdoors?

It is required to have umbrella protection for our musicians when performing outdoors from direct sunlight. Most venues will provide umbrellas upon your request. If the conditions are cold, we also request that you please provide heaters for the band as well.

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